Château Bussac bears witness to a family past, working in the vineyards for several generations. Purchased from the Eiffel family in the early twentieth century, the Bruce-Cassignard family shapes the land and works its vines driven by constant innovation and respect for the tradition.


The fruity and round wines reveal the characteristics of their appellation of controlled origin (AOC), named Graves de Vayres, the second oldest of Bordeaux.

The terroir


The wine property is located in the commune of Vayres (also known as “Vairas” in Occitan) on the left side of the Dordogne river, where it benefits from the temperate oceanic climate and clay-limestone soils of the enclave of l’Entre-deux-mers.


The vineyard


The quality and delicacy are the fundamentals of this singular wine. Château Bussac’s vineyard covers an area of 20 hectares, where 16 hectares are devoted to red grapes varieties and 4 hectares to white grapes varieties. The red wine is made from merlot, cabernet, sauvignon and cabernet franc grapes and aged in French oak barrels accentuating the aroma and texture, while the white wine is made from sauvignon and sémillon grapes.

The wine property also includes Château Clos-Castelot Bussac’s vineyard, with 8 hectares of malbec, cabernet sauvignon and merlot grapes for the red wine and 2 other hectares of muscadelle, sauvignon and sémillon grapes for the white wine.

Wine and environment


To ensure the nature of the wine and preserve the soil, the impact of the wine production and development of the vines on the environment is taken into account. In this way, the mechanical weeding of the vines and the use of insecticides from biodynamic processes contributes to the respect of the environment.


Since 2019, Château Bussac holds the HEV 1 certification (High Environmental Value Level 1).

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